Business vs Personal

I'm sure most of you have seen The Godfather...and if not that then you've definitely seen You've Got Mail, and heard the characters refer to business as not being "personal." In The Godfather Michael Corleone says, "It's not's strictly business." And in You've Got Mail Tom Hanks' character quotes it: The Godfather is the I Ching. The Godfather is the sum of all wisdom. The Godfather is the answer to any question. What should I pack for my summer vacation? 'Leave the gun, take the cannoli.' What day of the week is it? 'Maunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday.' And the answer to your question is 'Go to the mattresses.' You're at war. 'It's not personal, it's business. It's not personal it's business.' 

But it is personal. It's personal to me. This is my business and these are my clients. It's Your Time Events is based on me, the owner, and the way I feel and live life and work with others. I've had vendors tell me to learn to focus more on the business, to separate my personal from my business, but I don't know how and I honestly don't know if I want to. 

I never wanted my clients to ever be just a number. I wanted relationships. I wanted to be there for my clients every step of the way. I want to get to know them and their families and those most important to them so the wedding day I can do my job! How am I going to do my job successfully if I don't form that relationship with my clients?  

I recently spent some time doing a lot of introspective analysis. Creme Brands was helping me to get to know myself and my clients better. Who am I and who is my business? Who is my ideal client and how do we work together? Where do I see myself and my business in several years. What do I want? What sets me apart from others in this very populated New Orleans wedding industry? I think I was pretty clear and it only confirmed what I already knew about myself and my business, it is personal. 

And when I try to act like it's not as personal, I may fool those who do not know me or my clients, but I am definitely not fooling myself or my client. We recently coordinated two weddings for one day. It was not originally planned that way, but it happened. And I have to say it was definitely a confirmation of who we are not. We are not a wedding planning company that just wants clients. We are not a company that just sees the numbers. We are not a two and three weddings in one day wedding planning company. We are not big and we are fancy, but we are personal and we are real and we do feel. This blog is a huge apology to some very special deserved more. 

I didn't get to see you walk down the aisle. I didn't get to see you get dressed or even help you get dressed. I didn't get to help bustle you. I didn't get to know your families and friends. And I don't know if you wanted that type of relationship, but it's what I want and it's what my business is based on and I was very disappointed with how I felt after executing both weddings on the same day.  

To the outside, and to many of the vendors, things looked great...I know, because I've gotten many compliments. But on the me, I know they weren't perfect on your day. I know, I did my "job" and it wasn't like things went horribly wrong or things weren't planned out completely or I didn't technically give you the hours you paid for. And I know both venues had absolutely wonderful venue coordinators to help and that Brandi and Rebecca did their jobs and made sure you were taken care of, but it wasn't me. What you didn't get was my undivided attention on your day. What you didn't get was that person you had in your corner every second of the day. What  you didn't get is what I absolutely love about my job, being there for you ever step of the way. 

To all of my clients, and especially to those who feel they didn't get the coordinator they signed up for, I am so incredibly sorry and I hope your days were and are all that you wanted them to be! I hope that whatever hiccups there may have been are dim in comparison to the brightness of the rest of the day. You are truly beautiful people and couples and I love working with each of you! 

I absolutely cannot wait to see what your photographers captured that I may have missed! I cannot wait to see the entire day unfold through those captured memories! Hugs to both of you ladies and to your husbands!

And to Creme Brands, thank you for helping us put into words, what we are truly all about!!