Giving Back...One Wedding at a Time - Nina and Jerry

Almost every weekend I get to work with wonderful brides and grooms and their families and I love every minute of it!! On top of that, I get to work with phenomenal New Orleans Wedding vendors! We have fun and we are creative and professional and at the end of the day we get to be a part of the start to a new chapter in someone else's life! I do this work and choose this business because I truly love to see people happy, and if I can look back and say I helped make it that way even in the smallest way, then I am doubly blessed.

Knowing that I am making a difference in the world I live in has always been a part of who I am and what I do. I spent SIX years in DC and over that time I raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and organizations at home to help after the oil spill and other events. I ran and trained for an ungodly amount of races and miles and I held a ton of fundraisers. I did it all in the name of making a difference. I loved giving back. I still do love giving back. So now that I'm home I've been searching and praying and thinking of ways I could consistently give back.

I did a lot of research and talked to various people and found there was definitely a want within the New Orleans wedding industry to give back, to do something for others. Several of us are doing it! We have each decided to donate our services to a special couple who has been through so much! Right now we have the following:

Big Easy Limos for Transportation

Erin (me) 

The bride and groom are old fashioned and love all things Disney and NOLA. The couple has a date of September 6, 2015. They wanted their families and their friends to be able to come and not worry about work or timing. 

Our bride is Nina Neesom, born and raised her in South Louisiana. She's 46 years old and has been through a lot, but she's never allowed herself to become bitter. Now, she has finally found love and she is getting married. 

Nina says she always lacked grace which has caused her to fall numerous times. Because of the weight and the falls, she's had many broken bones. In March of 2010 she had another fall, but this time she broke both ankles and damaged her knee. She had 3 surgeries and still can not stand for any length of time or walk any distance. Since then, she is very dependent on her wheelchair. She is hoping to be able to have the strength to walk down the aisle on her wedding day. Through all of this she stays so positive and strong in her faith. This past year she has lost about 100lbs and was so excited to wear her first Fleurty Girl shirt!

Nina met Jerry in October of 2013 online. Jerry was born with Spina bifida. A complication of Spina bifida is liver disease and a progressive loss of lower extremities. Jerry has both of these complication as well as others. He is confined to a wheelchair and has had numerous surgeries and is in the hospital so much that everyone at the hospital knows him. Just last year he spent over 2 months in the hospital. He now has congestive heart failure and diabetes in addition to the liver disease. But like Nina, he remains positive and has a great spirit.

Their first actual date was Christmas Day 2013 and they got engaged on July 25, 2014.

When Jerry and Nina met it was a coming together of two souls that had known hardships throughout their lives. Right away they knew how the other felt. They share some common issues, but compliment each other as well. What he can't do, she can and vice versa. They are always there for each other. For example, Nina explained he can get around the kitchen in his chair so he keeps both of them fed and she is able to help him when he needs things he can't reach.

Nina believes God has placed them together perfectly at this time in their lives to share however much time they have together. They both feel all of the roads before lead to this time and to each other.

If you would like to help make Nina & Jerry's day all that it can be, we can accept payments through paypal (send as a "gift" for Nina & Jerry to, or you can also contribute to their Disney Honeymoon registry! We are still working on a band/DJ and more transportation. Any help is appreciated! 

We are so excited to be a part of this event and to share this wonderful moment with Nina & Jerry!!

Becoming Brennan: Michelle & Sean

Michelle & Sean are married! They came to me through another client, one of my very first clients, Ms. Pam, of Amanda and Aimee :) Yup, my Houma people are going strong! I have fallen so in love with all of them and Houma that I've seriously considered moving down there! The people are just so nice!!!

Back to Michelle & Sean!

While Michelle was defintely a part of the planning process, it was Mrs. Shelly who worked really hard to give her only daughter a wedding anyone would dream of!

Mrs. Shelly contacted me even before Michelle was engaged (not sure if Michelle knew that :) She was truly on a roll! Mrs. Shelly took the reigns and I helped steer her through the New Orleans wedding planning process. And Michelle, all she wanted was for it to be pretty.

It was definitely a busy year for the May family. They're huge LSU fans which means they travel to both football and baseball games. They run their own business. And their only daughter was getting married, IN NEW ORLEANS! We needed a hotel and church and reception and transportation and we needed it to be "pretty." Of course Mrs. Shelly wanted help; she's from down south! You know, closer to the Bayou :)

I so enjoyed spending time with these ladies and planning this wedding! Both of them are smart, funny and completely successful! And on top of it, they'd chosen the lovely Catherine Guidry for photography which meant I was surrounded by some of the warmest, friendliest people we're going to find in the state! One of my favorite memories from the planning process was spending the day with all three ladies for Michelle's bridals. It was here where I learned Michelle likes to act like she is not photogenic, but I'm pretty sure between Mrs. Shelly, Catherine Guidry, Sean (her now husband), and many others, we would all beg to differ. Michelle May is beautiful inside and out!

Her mom definitely accomplished that goal! It was truly a wonderful day and night!


Of course to our vendors, thank you all so much! And to Ms. Shelly and family, thank you for being so open with me and for being so absolutely wonderful! You are all truly beautiful!

Coordinator: Erin with It’s Your Time Events 
Videographer: Randy Diddly Studios
Photobooth: Boogie Booth 
Flowers & Decor & Candles: Bella Blooms Floral 
Chandelier: Firefly Ambiance
Lounge Area: Fleur de Lis Rentals
Transportation: Big Easy Limos 
Lodging: Windsor Court 
Ceremony Music: Vincent Woolf 
Reception: The Chicory 
Reception Music: MoJEAUX Band 
Second Line Band: Red Hot Brass Band 
Bride's Dress from Wedding Belles & the Stationer

New Orleans Wedding: Madeleine & Jacob

Madeleine & Jacob are officially married (well they have been for a while but  I won't give myself too hard a time :)

Madeleine's wedding was so pretty and so much fun and she and Ms. Sarah were both great to work with! The colors are amazing and I loved how she pulled the navy of the dresses into her lovely bouquets by using anemones!

This awesome couple is the definition of six degrees of separation. Madeleine and Jacob grew up in different parts of the state, but their paths crossed throughout their earlier years, and they made sure to point it out! The bride's grandpa and the groom's grandmother went to high school together in Abbeville. Madeleine's brother went to camp with Jacob when they were younger; and long before they started dating, Madeleine sent Jacob an admissions postcard asking him to come visit the school! It was really neat how they could literally display connections that ultimately brought them together at Millsaps. Keep an eye out as you scroll through; Studio Tran did a great job of capturing every one of those details that brought these two sweethearts together! 

From beginning to end, the colors in the flowers by NOLA Flora were gorgeous! 

Increasingly I am loving it when a bride does a reveal to her dad. He's the one who watched her grow up and he's the one giving her away (along with her mom of course).


I wish all the best to Madeleine & Jacob!

Quick word to the vendors: you are all awesome! Crescent City Soul hit it out of the park as they had everyone truly on the dance floor all night! I can't thank my vendors enough for making Madeleine & Jacob's day all that they wanted.

Stationery - Scriptura 
Ceremony - Trinity Episcopal Church (Church Coordinator Ms. Beverly is wonderful!)
Reception - Federal Ballroom
Catering - Cap d'bosq
Flowers - NOLA Flora
Entertainment/Band - Crescent City Soul
Transportation - Luxe Limos
Bride's Dress by Jim Hjelm from Town & Country
Bridesmaids' dresses by Mamie + James
Wedding Planner Erin with It's Your Time Events

New Orleans Wedding: Courtney & Josh

The bond between a mother and daughter is one of the strongest bonds we'll ever see. It's hard for me to explain even though I know I have one of those relationships with my mom. Like many other times when I (and others) try to explain this bond, I struggled to explain this one. There just aren't words to explain the unconditional love between this mother and daughter. To watch these two when they are together, it's beautiful.

Mrs. Peggy & Courtney, I have loved every meeting and brunch we spent together!  You allowed me into your world and to get to know both of you and even shared some of Josh!

I have loved seeing your day come together! May you always find the sparkle in life pretty girl!!! xoxoxo



Josh Rock, you have one of the prettiest girls I know. She sparkles not only on the inside but on the outside as well. And  when she's around you sparkle too! The two of you make a beautiful couple and I hope and wish for many happy blessings in the future (especially when you take the BAR)!!

Wedding Planning & Coordination by It's Your Time Events
Photography by Sara Kelley
Video by Terrington Films
Ceremony at St Louis Cathedral
Reception Venue at Riverview Room
Flowers and Decor by Kim Starr Wise
DJ by Omega Sound
Cake by Two Sister's Bakery

New Orleans Wedding: Laah & Jerrell

Doing things just a bit different, I asked Laah to tell me her story. For this blog, I wanted to hear it straight from her. She and Jerrell had done the long distance relationship thing and had known each other for what seems like forever, so I thought it best, she tell the story. 
Jerrell and I first met in 2003 during our freshman year in college at Southern [BR, LA]. Jerrell asked me out, but at the time, I was not interested. 
Years later we crossed paths again during the 2007 spring semester of our senior year & I gave in to going out with Jerrell for dinner at Chilis. Things were going great until Jerrell got accepted to graduate school in St. Louis, Missouri. I was still in school here in Louisiana. It became a seven year long distance relationship. Eventually we agreed that whoever received a job first out of graduate school the other would move to that city. Since Jerrell won, I moved to Houston, Tx in January of 2013. 

Laah remembered her engagement like it was yesterday! Jerrell is a guy after my own heart! He gave her a book!

On June 22, 2013, we went to lunch Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant, took a nice stroll by Waterwall Park, and after taking a few pictures we stopped. Jerrell told me he found an original copy of the book version of my favorite movie “Steel Magnolias”. As he handed me the book he stated he was able to get it autographed by the author. As I opened the book, on the first page I saw the words “Will you marry me?” and the other pages of the book were pressed together with a di cut heart shape. In the middle of the heart was a ribbon with a ring tied to it. Thus the fairytale wedding planning began. 
Laah always wanted a wedding that gave that “wow” effect and would be remembered for years. The first thing was picking the date, so the last sequential date of the century was agreed upon: December 13, 2014. The couple wanted their guest to enjoy their wedding and have a good time afterward so New Orleans, LA was designated as the host city.  Since Jerrell is a huge James Bond fan, the theme “From New Orleans With Love” was born. The couple searched venue after venue but they were either not large enough for the 250 expected guest, or had become a cliche. Laah had the thought of why not check out the Mercedes-Benz Superdome as a venue. After viewing the areas where the ceremony and reception would take place she fell in love and a deal was made. “ From New Orleans With Love” would take place at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on 12.13.14. 

I would definitely say Laah had the "wow" factor! She was a beautiful princess and sparkled from head to toe! And while the candles and decor were gorgeous, once Club XLIV put them in Champion's Square with their images on the big screen, and all that's left to do is say "WOW." 


What an absolutely fabulously beautiful night!

Wedding Planning & Coordination - It's Your Time Events
Photography by Photo225 
Draping and Linens - Event Rentals 
Candles and Decor - Firefly Ambiance
Videography - Tim Mcaskill Cinematic Weddings 
Venue - Club XLIV 
Flowers - Nola Flora ‪
Cake - Rurene Bakery