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February 22, 2015 UPDATE:
GK Photography is taking things to a new level! They are handing out expert, first-hand information about local wedding venues! Check out these awesome and quick clips! 

Southern Oaks
The Chicory
Omni Royal
Rosy's Jazz Hall
The Audubon Institute

Talk about your consumate professional photographer. George Kuchler takes it to another level. For George, or GK, it's about doing it right the first time. It's about respect from his clients and his peers. He takes pride in the profession and in how other photographers are representing the profession. He's been doing this for years and has never stopped wanting to be better and to learn more and to be challenged. So GK says, "Bring it on." You want something different, he will work to make it happen.

GK started in 1994. He was first a musician, so in addition to having years of experience and knowledge you know he is fun to work with!
GK Photography

He learned the camera inside and out (which is truly a testament to his wanting to know as much as possible about his profession and the tools he works with). He was hooked immediately and it became his passion.

He worked with others as much as possible. He went to conventions/conferences and over the last twenty years he's spent roughly the equivalent of my student loans on his own education in photography (and it's a lot, believe me). He wanted to know the languages and the ins and outs of the business. And now, he is one of those people teaching courses and on stage sharing the language because he loves every aspect of photography.

Photographers are artists. And as a photographer and artist, GK loves growth. Whether he is shooting at a location he's done 50 times or at a brand new venue that takes a lot of planning, he wants to see at least one image where he can see how he has grown and his photography has gotten better. If you have something in your head, whether it is for your wedding or as a senior or a business owner, he wants to help make it happen. So he has creative sessions. Contact GK to find out more on how to do this!

Today GK focuses on weddings, seniors, and families because it allows him to get to know his clients better and grow his business. And because he has ventured out into other areas like fashion and commercial shoots, his main focus has gotten stronger.

For GK, his biggest inspiration is his family. If he won the lottery though, he'd still be a photographer, but with a huge warehouse studio. It's through his photography and work that he shows his kiddos that anything is possible if you work hard and go after what you want.

In terms of what sets GK apart, it's just him. His personality. His work ethic. His experience. For GK, it's not about being the best. His work is very subjective. Photography is the latin word for "painting with light." What I think is gorgeous, others might not. It's all about what you like. Go to GK's page, look at his work, check out his About page, and see if it's what you like. If you like what you see, then book him!

To brides, he says, "for your day, before your day, write down the family groups you want pictures of. Then for each group, add two minutes. And see how quickly your time adds up." If you want all of those people and all of those groups, make sure the people you want in those pictures know they will be in pictures and to hang around. Make a list to give to your coordinator or to a friend to coordinate. He does not want you to waste your reception time taking pictures. He wants you to have fun. GK is known for being quick if you are prepared. So be prepared :)

GK also says, spend your money in the right places. Coordinators who know you and your schedule will help to make your day go smoother. If you're going to have bridesmaids, let them help you. Lay it out for them so they know who is doing what and when and so it doesn't get missed. But if you have a good coordinator, this eliminates a lot of the "who is doing what and when" questions. So GK says to be organized because it's the unknown that can throw kinks into your day.

If you've gotten this far and you've checked out GK's page and you want to book him or even just want to learn more about him and what he does, give him a call. You can reach GK Photography at or call 504-737-5557. You'll probably talk to Elizabeth, his awesome wife! They're a great team to work with!
GK Photography
Photo by Arte de Vie