Learning from the Best: The Gorgeousness of Trouvaille 3.0

Rhiannon Bosse of Hey Gorgeous Events has captured my heart with her style! I love it! And it's not that it's "her style", it's my style and your style and anyone looking for pretty!

This past summer I had the immense pleasure of attending the Trouvaille Workshop in Chicago. I know, I already wrote about the people I, but I want to share with you some of the gorgeousness too! I want others to learn that we do not have to be "stuck" with just what we have. There are so many incredible vendors in this beautiful world!!

Our first day we were treated to a welcome dinner at Firehouse Chicago. While Trouvaille is in the Windy City, New Orleans has an abundance of venues to choose from! Have you seen il Mercato? Or how about a lovely evening at Bevolo? Or the very intimate Maison Montegut? Take a look around and you'll find unique venues that fit your personality and needs! The point is to find the pretty (or what you find pretty :) 

Everything was pretty and everything matched! It was not just the setting or the people, but from the beginning with the invites to our place settings during both class and meals, Rhi had the prettiest items! What I want you to remember is that it matched. Rhi has brand, much like your wedding will, and it is soooo easy to get lost in ALL of the pretty this world has to offer. But sticking to what your brand is, creates an atmosphere and a physical setting that you and all of your guests will be awing over!

I loved getting to capture some of the pretty Rhi shared with us, but if you want to see more and from a professional (you've already seen some of her work on here), go check out Shalyn Nelson of Love the Nelsons. You'll definitely see some more gorgeousness!!

It is so abundantly clear that Rhiannon Bosse and her fabulous team of speakers and support staff pour their heart and soul into the Trouvaille Workshop. I feel like focusing on community and investing in each other is incredibly important in an industry where we all work so hard and put out so much of our own hearts into someone else's day or event. Trouvaille is truly an inspiring workshop to reinvest in not only yourself, but in those around you. Thank you Rhi for curating such a wonderful event that truly helped refill my cup. Till the next time! xoxoxox



Destination Wedding Venue: Château de Bouthonvilliers

I had the immense pleasure of visiting Château de Bouthonvilliers when I was on the Artist Holiday. To say I fell in love with Château de Bouthonvilliers would be an understatement. Every evening the château is cloaked in the golden light from the setting sun, so warm and inviting. It is beautiful! If Eduard and family had asked me to stay and work for them, I would have done it, I would have stayed in a heartbeat. What, you need an event coordinator? I'm there! What's that you say? You need some help with social media and marketing and an event coordinator? I'm so your person!! It would have been straight out of Under the Tuscan Sun. I would have stayed and everyone on the trip probably would have thought I was a crazy person.

The Château is about an hour's drive from Paris located in the very charming region of Dunois region, or more precisely in the Perche Göet.

Charming, quaint, delightful, pleasing, enchanting, fascinating...there aren't enough words to dutifully describe this region and the tiny cities in it! Brou, Dangeau, Chartres, etc...they are tiny towns that match each of those descriptions but with so much more...they are filled with culture and history and the nicest people!!!

The château is located in Dangeau. With its charming 18th century symmetrical architecture and lush English-style gardens, the Château has been named a Historical Monument. You can walk through the grounds and see the history....LITERALLY.

The house itself is over 7 metres long and composed of both 16th and 18th century architecture. And in front of the house is a magnificent Blue Cedar that is over 250 years old!

Also located on the grounds is a small round chapel. And looking through my photos it is clear I was slightly obsessed with this little chapel. Originally built in the 16th century as a "dovecot" or a large birdhouse, it was later turned into the family chapel (the 19th century). Birds were a symbol of a person's status and therefore when it was time to turn the dovecot into the chapel, the family rid the building of all its significance. You can see where the holes were filled in and on the top of the building where instead of a cross, there is a dove.


Today, the chapel is consecrated and can hold about 50 people for religious ceremonies. Many choirs come to sing as the acoustics in the chapel are wonderful (or so I hear from Eduard).

Beneath the chapel is a wine cellar!
Ask Eduard or Alexia to take you down!
It really is neat!

Inside the home there are 9 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, several living areas, a full kitchen which are all overflowing with pieces of the past that are covered in a light layer of dust which tells the story of how old it truly is. 

From start to finish history surrounds you. You can walk the grounds and see the old buildings or you can walk through the castle and see the antique and timeless pieces of history that fill this grand home!

Across the way and down the drive is where the family lives and where there is even an apartment the family rents. This area (below) is almost like a courtyard and is made up of the old stables (yes, the family has made them into living areas). The little oval shaped objects mounted in the brick are all awards from when the family participated in horse competitions.

Toward the entrance of the grounds is an old building which appears to be nothing at all, but in reality, it leads to the garden which has the vegetables and fruits the family plans to use in farm-to-table events! Alban (I believe the middle child) found currants for us and I ate one! They were growing in the garden. Fresh food! Love it!

The Château is available for renting! With all modern day amenities like a pool, fishing pond, TV, and internet, the Château is oh so welcoming and set up for you to relax all week! The Château can house up to 15 people and you are truly the master of the castle while you stay. 
In addition, Eduard and family have opened up the chateau for events of many levels. I will definitely make my way back to the Château and the charming de Verdun family!