Learning from the Best: The Gorgeousness of Trouvaille 3.0

Rhiannon Bosse of Hey Gorgeous Events has captured my heart with her style! I love it! And it's not that it's "her style", it's my style and your style and anyone looking for pretty!

This past summer I had the immense pleasure of attending the Trouvaille Workshop in Chicago. I know, I already wrote about the people I, but I want to share with you some of the gorgeousness too! I want others to learn that we do not have to be "stuck" with just what we have. There are so many incredible vendors in this beautiful world!!

Our first day we were treated to a welcome dinner at Firehouse Chicago. While Trouvaille is in the Windy City, New Orleans has an abundance of venues to choose from! Have you seen il Mercato? Or how about a lovely evening at Bevolo? Or the very intimate Maison Montegut? Take a look around and you'll find unique venues that fit your personality and needs! The point is to find the pretty (or what you find pretty :) 

Everything was pretty and everything matched! It was not just the setting or the people, but from the beginning with the invites to our place settings during both class and meals, Rhi had the prettiest items! What I want you to remember is that it matched. Rhi has brand, much like your wedding will, and it is soooo easy to get lost in ALL of the pretty this world has to offer. But sticking to what your brand is, creates an atmosphere and a physical setting that you and all of your guests will be awing over!

I loved getting to capture some of the pretty Rhi shared with us, but if you want to see more and from a professional (you've already seen some of her work on here), go check out Shalyn Nelson of Love the Nelsons. You'll definitely see some more gorgeousness!!

It is so abundantly clear that Rhiannon Bosse and her fabulous team of speakers and support staff pour their heart and soul into the Trouvaille Workshop. I feel like focusing on community and investing in each other is incredibly important in an industry where we all work so hard and put out so much of our own hearts into someone else's day or event. Trouvaille is truly an inspiring workshop to reinvest in not only yourself, but in those around you. Thank you Rhi for curating such a wonderful event that truly helped refill my cup. Till the next time! xoxoxox