Taking a hold of my Life

We're making some changes. 

When we started our business we were completely full-time. We were networking and planning and going on site visits with clients and enjoying every second of it, but some things happened in life and we had to get a second (day time) job. And it hurt...a LOT. So for almost two years we have worked our tails off trying to survive and keep our business going and our lives intact. There was absolutely no peace. It has been really hard and our clients truly helped keep us happy and made us keep going and we are truly grateful for that! 

After our trips this summer (and a lot of praying!), we began to think very differently. Our time in France and at Trouvaille gave us the time to slow down and think about what we were doing. It allowed us to truly evaluate life. Going 120mph is not living life. Going from a day job where you work 60+ hours a week and trying to keep your own dream alive and trying to keep relationships going is not living. It's surviving. I don't want to just survive. I want to live. 

So we are going back to full-time and we are focusing on the things we love. We are spending more time with our families and our friends and with our clients and on things that truly make us happy. We are returning to forgotten loves like running & photography. 

Don't think you, our readers and our followers haven't had a part in this. You definitely have had a part in this! Many of you have liked or "loved" our photos that we take on Instagram or blog on here. Your appreciation for any of our photos has encouraged us to do more of it! 

We love photography!! It's a love affair we started a long time ago but allowed life to distract us. It took Jen Huang Photography & Kurt Boomer Photography to get us back into it...to actually pick up our cameras and remember that love.

So it's with great excitement (and a TON of nervousness) we are now booking events in both areas of our life that we love - planning and photography! 

Lifestyle photography is about you and your life. It's about capturing your family in their natural elements, doing things they would normally do. It may be a bit scripted, but it's ultimately you. For example, it may be your family throughout Thanksgiving day or a couple taking a walk through a garden. Or it can be your children dancing in the street while you're on vacation. 

If you're interested, let us know! We'd love to capture you or your family or someone you love as you truly see them smile. 

Erin St Pierre England is the owner of It's Your Time Events and offers services in both lifestyle photography and wedding planning & design. If you are interested in either area, please do not hesitate to contact us at erin@itsyourtimeevents.com.  

We'd love learn more about you!