New Orleans Wedding: Laah & Jerrell

Doing things just a bit different, I asked Laah to tell me her story. For this blog, I wanted to hear it straight from her. She and Jerrell had done the long distance relationship thing and had known each other for what seems like forever, so I thought it best, she tell the story. 
Jerrell and I first met in 2003 during our freshman year in college at Southern [BR, LA]. Jerrell asked me out, but at the time, I was not interested. 
Years later we crossed paths again during the 2007 spring semester of our senior year & I gave in to going out with Jerrell for dinner at Chilis. Things were going great until Jerrell got accepted to graduate school in St. Louis, Missouri. I was still in school here in Louisiana. It became a seven year long distance relationship. Eventually we agreed that whoever received a job first out of graduate school the other would move to that city. Since Jerrell won, I moved to Houston, Tx in January of 2013. 

Laah remembered her engagement like it was yesterday! Jerrell is a guy after my own heart! He gave her a book!

On June 22, 2013, we went to lunch Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant, took a nice stroll by Waterwall Park, and after taking a few pictures we stopped. Jerrell told me he found an original copy of the book version of my favorite movie “Steel Magnolias”. As he handed me the book he stated he was able to get it autographed by the author. As I opened the book, on the first page I saw the words “Will you marry me?” and the other pages of the book were pressed together with a di cut heart shape. In the middle of the heart was a ribbon with a ring tied to it. Thus the fairytale wedding planning began. 
Laah always wanted a wedding that gave that “wow” effect and would be remembered for years. The first thing was picking the date, so the last sequential date of the century was agreed upon: December 13, 2014. The couple wanted their guest to enjoy their wedding and have a good time afterward so New Orleans, LA was designated as the host city.  Since Jerrell is a huge James Bond fan, the theme “From New Orleans With Love” was born. The couple searched venue after venue but they were either not large enough for the 250 expected guest, or had become a cliche. Laah had the thought of why not check out the Mercedes-Benz Superdome as a venue. After viewing the areas where the ceremony and reception would take place she fell in love and a deal was made. “ From New Orleans With Love” would take place at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on 12.13.14. 

I would definitely say Laah had the "wow" factor! She was a beautiful princess and sparkled from head to toe! And while the candles and decor were gorgeous, once Club XLIV put them in Champion's Square with their images on the big screen, and all that's left to do is say "WOW." 


What an absolutely fabulously beautiful night!

Wedding Planning & Coordination - It's Your Time Events
Photography by Photo225 
Draping and Linens - Event Rentals 
Candles and Decor - Firefly Ambiance
Videography - Tim Mcaskill Cinematic Weddings 
Venue - Club XLIV 
Flowers - Nola Flora ‪
Cake - Rurene Bakery