Getting to know your vendors....Arte de Vie

Doug and CheyAnne "have a tradition of always taking [their] portrait together when [they] travel, and [they] absolutely had to do it for [their] wedding!"

Wow! I think I met that couple that truly embodies the terms partner and in love and complimentary. Wow! They are just wow! I met Doug through Facebook when I was living in DC. I was still thinking about and working on photography when I saw the PUG Group on Facebook and contacted him. He was so friendly and still is. Now, as a coordinator, I can't wait for the day I get to work with them (which could be sooner rather than later considering one of my brides already booked them!)!

Both photojournalists by trade and romantics at heart, Doug is a tad bit more serious and leans more toward the artistic side. Doug went to Western Kentucky University and then spent years shooting assignments for the Associated Press, The Washington Post, The New York Times and many other publications. His experience and education mean Doug knows how to capture the moments that matter. He's trained for it. He will document your day as the events and the memories unfold.

CheyAnne is more contemporary, spontaneous and has a softer and more carefree side. She received a bachelor’s degree from Western Kentucky University in photojournalism in 2005, spent a year at LSU (Geaux Tigers!), and then took a job in New Orleans at a prestigious portrait studio, where she worked for two years. Between her bubbly personality, educational background and professional portrait experience, she's able to combine true photojournalism with classic portraiture.

Together, I really think they're an awesome pair and compliment each others styles perfectly!

Arte de Vie is a product of both of them. They fell in love while in school for photojournalism at Western Kentucky University. Then, for a while they both had their own businesses (Bradfield Photography and Artisan Style). Finally, over a period of about two to three years they joined forces by not only getting engaged but also by creating Arte de Vie and then getting married (you can see more of their personalities in their wedding trailer by Studio Vieux Carre).

They are a picture of a successful working team and a married couple.

CheyAnne and Doug are very proud of how much their business has grown without any real business experience. To them photography is more than a hobby. Yes, it's something they enjoy, but it's their business. If they could recommend one thing to aspiring photographers, it would be to take the time to master the skills of photography and THEN take the time to learn business skills. Also, don't be afraid to work with others and source out what you cannot do by yourself. Doug and CheyAnne both recognize how much Titus does for them in getting information out, second shooting and just helping when needed.

They are also very proud to hear people actually talk about Arte de Vie. To them, it is a very proud moment when they overhear people say or do the following:
  • gasp in reference to having "Arte de Vie" or 
  • say that they are "awesome" or 
  • say that "Arte de Vie needs to be booked early" or 
  • that they are "they hardest working photographers." 
They take pride in their work and the results of their work and what you think of their work.

In the future, overall as business, CheyAnne and Doug just want to improve on what they already do. They want to provide a higher level of customer service, which will probably mean hiring someone in office to handle customer service, so CheyAnne and Doug can focus on photography aspect. They want to further develop their skills so you get better products. It's all about what CheyAnne says: they want to "keep elevating the name. Keep it classy....timeless." They're not high quantity....recognize them for the quality.

To couples getting married and going through the planning process, from a photographer's perspective and as a previous groom Doug says the following:

  • Choosing your photographer: As far as photography, narrow it down to the top 2-3 photographers you like and then DIVE DEEP into their websites. So you have a full comprehension of how the photographer captures the entire event, not just portraits. Then talk with the photographer so you can get to know your photographer and if your personalities mesh. 
  • Videographer: They also highly recommend videography! Certain things don't translate the same between photography and video. There is sound and movement that a photo just can't capture. 
  • Finally, get a coordinator. Even if it's just week of they highly recommend getting one. Your coordinator will make sure everyone is showing up at the right time to the right place. All those little details you don't need to worry about on your day. They recommend getting one because they want you to have a good wedding day and two so you're not stressed and are relaxed in the pictures. 
Tips from the experts regarding your photoshoots:

  • Engagement session: try to choose a location that has personal meaning because if it has meaning, then you're going to be more comfortable and enjoy the pictures more. Also, make sure your outfits wise. If you're going to be formal, make sure you're both formal. If you're going to be country, make sure you're both country. By themselves they may be great, but individually they may not mesh well in the photographs.
  • Bridal shoot: have a smaller version of your bouquet so your hands aren't empty all the time. Eat before the session. Don't get hung up on staying clean....they do a fabulous job of keeping the dress clean. For your hair and make-up, use the same person you're going to use on your wedding day so you can both be on the same page...this is your trial run. 
  • Wedding day: organization is KEY. Your photographer has a timeline and knows how long it will take to do your pictures throughout the day. If you're organizing your own day, talk to your photographer about this timeline; if you have a coordinator, ensure the coordinator has talked with your photographer about the timeline. Communication is key (again). Finally, don't send your photographer a Pinterest board with 50 pictures you "want." The list means they miss YOUR moments and it stifles their creativity. 
Not only did CheyAnne and Doug have tips for brides and other photographers, they also had a little tip for me (or for others helping with the wedding). When the bride is in the back of the church....after they've made their way from the car etc.....once we fluff the dress, we need to step away from the bride and her father/escort. Let go of the dress and let the photographer capture the moments happening without us in it. Let them have their moment together. Let the picture happen. I can do that. Thanks y'all!

CheyAnne and Doug are not only professionals, but they are truly warm people. This shows in not only their personalities but in their work. Contact Arte de Vie to set up an appointment to discuss your big day!

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