Getting to know your vendors: Catherine Guidry Photography

I first met Cat Guidry working Amanda and Chris's lovely wedding in Houma. At first sight some people might say she is tiny. But I never noticed how tiny she was because her personality is shining and her work ethic abounds! There is nothing tiny about this woman. 

She was fun, energetic, outgoing and oh so flexible. See, my emails were going to her junk mail and therefore she didn't the wedding timelines (lesson learned, call the vendors if they're not responding). She quickly picked up and kept going and working with everything!

But Catherine didn't always know she wanted to be a photographer. In school Catherine, or Cat, first started out studying architecture (which can significantly help photographers see lines and how objects in a photo work together. For Cat, it allowed her to create images that are unique and modern.). But she quickly developed an interest in photographing weddings. She shot her first wedding in November 2008 and by the time she finished her masters in Architecture she knew she found her passion in life. She's been doing it full time ever since!

Cat fell in love with life. She fell in love with capturing love and the small moments that exist in life. She's able to use her creativity to stop time and capture the emotions and memories behind it. These moments will be cherished for a lifetime!

She has chosen to focus her business around weddings. They are filled with love and sometimes sorrow and memories of those who have passed. Being a photographer allows her to see people in all stages of life...allows her to see their vulnerable side. Being a photographer allows Cat to do something special for someone else on one of the most important days of his/her life. It is because of this dedication and time and effort and emotion that Cat only takes on 25 weddings per year. She wants to make sure to give each client the attention they deserve. She goes the extra mile!
When you're hot, she'll fan you. Photo by Amelia. 

Cat's business has grown and she is proud of this (and rightfully so). She says, "I am most proud of the progress my business has made. I feel thankful to have a permanent second shooter and friend, Amelia Marcell. I am blessed to have such wonderful clients, and I am thankful to be able to enjoy work day in and day out…as each day brings something new." And while she's very happy with where she is and how far she's come, Cat is excited for what the future will bring!

While Cat is extremely easy to work with and outgoing, she says the number one thing you can do to help your photographer is to talk to them. Communication is key (again). Ask questions and voice your concerns ahead of time so on your day you are both on the same page. Cat wants you to have fun and enjoy the day and be stress free so anything you can do ahead of time really helps!

Catherine Guidry Photography starts at $3500 and is based on the number of clients she works with, quality of the images and experience she provides. The best way to contact Cat is through her website

Both Cat and I thank you for getting this far in the blog and we both love connecting with others. You can also find Catherine Guidry on Facebook: