Seeing things from a different perspective and learning from others

This post is long overdue.

When I started It's Your Time Events, I made a decision (and personal goal) to work with and learn from as many vendors as I possible so I could learn as much as possible. Knowing what vendors need and want can only help in making sure all of my events go smoothly from beginning to end, and ensures both my clients and the vendors I work with are happy in the end.

The first wedding I got to see from a different perspective was with Studio Vieux Carre for a wedding planned by Jennie Keller - Weddings in the City by Jennie Keller. Terry asked me to help in getting from one location to the other and with miscellaneous items along the way. It was a big night because they were a "same day edit."

Because it was a same day edit, Studio Vieux Carre worked like a well oiled machine that night. The week before Terry sent out a timeline with details outlining where we were all supposed to be and what we were all doing. I was supposed to get Terry from location to location (on time). I was a little nervous because I was working with THE Studio Vieux Carre and THE Terry Taravella! And I was also a little nervous because I knew this was a big event when Terry told me it was taking place at Club XLIV in Champion Square! 

We started by leaving the Hyatt and heading to Immaculate Conception. Turns out, there was a monster truck show that night too (so glad I was a little early and saw Jennie outside so I could park in front of the Hyatt). Lesson learned: know the other events happening around your locations so you can plan accordingly. The streets were a MESS that night! But Jennie handled the limos and parking spectacularly and I was able to get out and to Immaculate Conception on time and ready to support Terry and team!

We left Immaculate for Champion Square where I basically dropped Terry off in the street because of how busy the street were that night. I ran to catch up and right into the Second Line into the square! It was truly a sight to behold!  (you can see more of the reception sites on Brandon O'Neal Photography Blog)

I caught up with Terry and team and had one mission: gather cards for Joe to download and begin editing. Joe, Terry, Jeana, and Gary started the "event" by shooting the bride and groom getting ready, moving to the ceremony and then continuing onto the reception. During the reception, they continued to shoot while simultaneously one of them began downloading and editing. At this point, for a same day edit and for the Studio Vieux Carre team, it's important for the editor to be able to focus on the editing and not shooting. It's important for the editor to be able to focus. So I did what I could by running back and forth for Terry, Jeana and Gary and getting Joe drinks occasionally. It wasn't much but they said they appreciated it so I'll take that :)

Watching them, as a part of the videography team, I was able to see the videographer and photographer blend in with the crowd and how they are dedicated to capturing everything from big moments to the smallest of details. I was also able to see how they move with their audience and clients. (I especially loved how Brandon, the photographer, moved with people while they were dancing. He didn't ask them to stop or hold that pose. He moved with them...rocking back and forth.) It was seamless.

Being a part of this team showed me how all the pieces come together for one ultimate goal - the happiness of the client. Jennie Keller was the leader, or maestro, who took the lead, answered questions, and made sure participants, photographers, videographers, and behind the scenes vendors all knew what was going on and when it would happen so they could do what they needed to do. And Studio Vieux Carre's "same day edit" was their solo which they executed flawlessly. There were so many pieces and parts moving. All of these vendors worked together to make sure Emily and Ron were happy in the end. And I was honored to be there for it and to help in any way possible! Thank you Studio Vieux Carre!