Pinterest: Use with caution

Recently I came across an article (courtesy of a local NOLA Photographer - MQ Photography) that pointed out all that is wrong in relying simply on Pinterest to plan your wedding. I like Pinterest. Who doesn't? As a business owner, planner and coordinator it is very helpful in coming up with IDEAS. Pinterest, however, does not always tell you how to prepare and execute successfully.

Girl Talk: Pinterest ruined my wedding is funny, to me. Maybe not to everyone else. It does a great job of pointing out all the reasons why you'd need to plan and a wedding planner and it also points out what the real focus of your wedding should be, it's your day and you are getting married.

First, Pinterest is a part of social media so it is going to reflect the trends that are popular at the time. If you don't want an outdoor, barn, rustic wedding, then you have to search for exactly what want. For example, my recent bride would never have gone for hay bale seating area for her garden wedding. There are other ideas on Pinterest, you have to search for what YOU want, not what is popular.

Second, while the pictures are nice on Pinterest, they are pieces of someone else's wedding. Do you really want to imitate and try to replicate those moments or make your own moments and memories? You hired professional vendors for a reason. You hired them because you saw something in their style you liked. Trust them to capture your moments.

Third, like finding your fiance, once you find your dress, your colors, your theme and what you want, STOP looking :) There is always going to be something out there that is different or unique that you think is what you want. But there was a reason why you chose what you chose at first and there is a reason we set budgets and try to stay within them. If you continue looking and shopping you may never be happy with what you have now, and you may also completely blow your budget. Stop looking at what everyone else is doing and remember what you wanted to do in the first place. It's your wedding, not their wedding.

Finally, remember to plan! A Pinterest picture is a moment, not how it came together. Take a moment to think about what is required to get that moment. Is it a sunny day? Is there a tent? What kind of ground cover is there? What will you need to make this moment happen for you? And then think about how you're going to make it happen. Is that moment what you really want to base your whole wedding around?

Then think about if you are you going to make it happen or your bridesmaids or your family or someone else? Do you really want your bridesmaids setting up chairs or flowers or decorations, or do you want them with you relaxing and enjoying the moment and making memories? This goes back to my first piece of advice I give to any of my friends and family and all clients that come by my booth at shows: hire at least a day of coordinator. Share what you want with the coordinator and let them work for you. Enjoy your day. Because while, yes, this was a happy moment in the end, you only get one wedding day, you don't want to spend it worrying when you can enjoy the whole day.