Photography and Specials

My first client turned out to be an old friend, which makes her special. Not only is she special, she is also taking advantage of the 2013 special ( Keeping up with my photography reminded me throughout the day things/ideas/shots she might want to think about. For example, what pictures she wants on her big day? Who in particular or what in particular? What is most important to you? I'm going to ask her to make a list and I'll check them off as we go through her big day. After all, that is my job :) I'm also going to share this list with the photographer (or make sure Lorey has) so he knows exactly what's going on as well. Keeping everyone on the same page ensures things on her big day will go smoothly and she'll get exactly what she wants in the end.

It was also nice to be apart of today because it allowed me to meet the important people in her life!  Here's a sampling from the day.