Making memories

I'm fast becoming a Pinterest girl. I pin a LOT. And I love seeing what others pin. It gives me a LOT of good ideas for clients and myself. And as much as I love what others are pinning and the ideas I get, it also makes me want to scream sometimes.

A big pet peeve of mine is when people post photographs and say, "I want that pose." The photo is of a moment in time. It's not a pose. It's a bride and her niece dancing. Or it's the couple starting a second line. For example, this pic of my husband and I with our second line umbrellas taken by David Paul Studio -

Would I have loved a fancy pic of us posing with our umbrellas like everyone else has? Probably. But I also love this moment that was captured....of me basically having the following conversation with my northerner of a husband -

Him - "What am I supposed to do with this?"
Me - "Walk...just walk and bounce."

And that's what we did and I have this picture to prove it :)

Yes, previously I said to look at other photos to see what photographers have to offer, but I meant look at their style and if it's something you think you might like and if they capture moments. Please remember that life is about living and your events are short. So enjoy every minute of it and let the photographer capture.

Is this entirely too harsh? I know my job is to be on your talk to the photographer and make sure he/she knows the photos you want. And I am on your side. I want you to get the photographs from your event that you WANT. But my job is also to help manage expectations and keep things in perspective. You want to create your own memories; not recreate someone else's memories. Please keep that in mind.