Learning from the Best and Setting the Standard

What a leap of faith! I can't believe I actually did it but I did....I started my own business and I am the most excited I have been in a very long time. 

I started It's Your Time Events because planning and organizing and logistics and lists are things I absolutely love. Crazy huh? Yeah, my family thinks so too. BUT those crazy things, are what truly make events run smooth and allow us to enjoy them so much more. When you know something is done and you've checked off all the details, you do not have to worry about it. And that is what I want to do for others. I want to make lists and plan and execute for others so they do not have to worry about the details. So they can enjoy their time and their event. 

This is not something I did willy nilly. No, in fact, I've worked since I was 13 years old and I have had so many experiences in life. And it was all of those experiences that allowed me to make a better decision to pursue this job...this business. 

I spent the last few weeks thinking about what aspects of my previous camp counseling and resident assistant and administrative and communications jobs I really liked and which ones were okay. I found that I love working with people and communications. I love managing. I love making lists and spreading the message. I love events. So I took all of those areas and I made them my own. I started It's Your Time Events. 

My goal is to set the standard in events. I want to study others and emulate their best qualities to become better at what I do for my clients. So I will use this blog to document my studies and my goals. Here's hoping it helps me and others along the way. 

Topics I plan to cover are the following: 
  • event vendors
    • pricing
    • standards
    • styles
  • budgeting for your events
  • themes
  • messaging
  • YOUR topics! So let me know what you want to talk about!