What do you see?

Yesterday Marc and I went to the Tidal Basin after work...it was cold but with the weather we're having I wasn't sure if we'd get to see the blossom again (and Marc has never seen the full effect before). So we went...sniffles and cough and all :)  I played with the camera of course and timing and framing.

 Then, today we took a fieldtrip with our intro to digital photography...to Capital Hill. At first, I was kind of like, "why am I doing this right now? I just took a lot of pics yesterday and I'm tired and I'm sick (not really but these allergies are kicking my butt)." It's true, yesterday I took a lot of pics at the Tidal Basin of the Cherry Blossoms...but my professor says, "if you're not taking photos, you're not a photographer and you're not learning."  So, I stuck it out after an hour and a half in the car due to traffic and started shooting. I learned first that I'm an exposure freak! I love over-exposure and saturating a picture!  I love love love it!! I'm sure eventually I'll go back to black and white being my favorite but right now, I'm a saturation and exposure fanatic.

I love a good shot of one subject with a shallow depth of field!  This picture uses both a shallow depth of field and repetition. I was able to focus on the first tulip and therefore blur the front leaf and the background.

See the next two pictures. I was changing the shutter speed on this. I wanted to capture the water at two different "speeds."  

Jackie is framed here. And she's a prime example of using triangles...the iron gate and her stance are perfect.

This came out really nice because the light and shadows are behind our subject and not on her face.