The beginning of a fun journey :)

For years I loved taking pictures. I took them of family and friends of buildings and wildlife. I just loved taking them...and felt I had an eye for it. So I'm trying to begin doing something about it.

I'm not sure yet if I want to be "professional" but I know I want to learn and do more. So first step was taking the new camera (Rebel T2i) out of the box and putting it together :)  I managed to do it successfully. But more than putting it together, I wanted to learn more about the camera and how to use it, so I signed up for classes: introduction to digital photography and intermediate digital photography.  In two weeks we go on a field trip to "practice" and I can't wait for that either. Following intermediate I'm going to look into composition :)  I must say I love every minute I'm in class!

Of course you won't see much in terms of editing because I don't have the software yet, but I think it's important to get down what I'm seeing in what you will be seeing. I want to make sure I'm capturing the image (or light) the way I want it to actually look. Then later I'll buy the software and more tools and start really playing with images.  

Places I've never been and people I love to see, will be most of my subjects but I'm also hoping to start working with Operation love.  OpLove supports U.S. Military families by offering special sessions with a patriotic edge during their enlistment, focusing on deployments– before and more importantly, after, at their reunion when the deployment has terminated and the soldier is safely home– usually in an airport. In order to do OpLove though, I have to have a blog or professional website.

So here goes...this is my photo blog :)  Pictures to start coming soon and when they do I hope you will give me your feedback - both good and bad/constructive :)!