Lifestyle Photography: Keeping it Natural

We love natural light & real moments  
We love lifestyle photography because it is real

Lifestyle photography is all about you. It's about capturing your family in their natural elements, doing things they would normally do. It may be a bit scripted, but it's ultimately you. For example, it may be your family throughout Thanksgiving day or a couple taking a walk through a garden. Or it can be your children dancing in the street while you're on vacation. 

When you schedule a lifestyle session with us, like our wedding planning, we will work with you to develop several ideas of what you and your family would normally enjoy. Before your session, we will discuss all the details: styling, location, what to wear, and what you hope to gain from the session. The session can be a morning in the city or a morning spent at your home. Both locations allow you and your family to have moments that might happen even if we weren't there. We're just nudging you in a small direction to keep the story going. While we  may guide you and encourage you occasionally, we want you to be real. We'll capture a blend of candid and traditional portraits.

Or if you choose for a longer session, we'll help you plan to be a tourist in your own city. Then, we randomly show up and capture those real moments. Some will be a bit scripted and posed but overall, we want to tell your story in that moment so you can share your time with others you love. 

It is lifestyle because it's real. We capture you and your family or significant other enjoying a day in NOLA without you worrying about missing a moment because you're behind the lens. Instead you were holding your kids hand and dancing with your daughter in the streets of NOLA.